ScotShot LLC - USCCA Home Defense Fundamentals.
This is a USCCA accredited and certificated course.

This course is designed to help you build a Home Defense Plan for you and your family, inside your home. The course allows you to incorporate Firearms and/or TASERs into that plan. It gives guidance specifically on the law in New Jersey regarding the use of these tools in your home. The course is conducted partly in the classroom and partly on the firing range.

The course begins with suggestions about things to consider when you build your personal Home Defense Plan. Elements such as conflict avoidance, home security and alarms, and family defense inside your home are. considered. We continue by considering how firearms, particularly handguns, can be a part of that plan, as well as non-lethal options, such as the TASER.

We examine defensive shooting fundamentals, including choice of firearm and ammunition, defensive accuracy, cover and concealment. An NJ Firearms Attorney discusses the law regarding defensive use of force in your home. We then go into our shoothouse and consider such things as visibility, angles, cover and concealment. On the firing range, we review your shooting with a handgun, a shotgun and a rifle, using your own firearms if you wish, then review this back in class.

Finally, we discuss violent encounters, and their aftermath, and how you might respond. The class will conclude with a review and question/answer session, with suggestions for future skill development.

You should bring note-taking material, and a light lunch. If you have a defensive handgun, you should bring it, too. Most importantly, you should bring a positive safety-orientated attitude, and a willingness to extend your mindset and skillset to the active protection of your family inside your home, including the use of firearms. We encourage you to bring your own handguns, as well as 100 rounds of store-bought, factory-loaded, ammunition.

We provide all training materials, the detailed USCCA "Home Defense Fundamentals" manual, classroom, shoothouse and firing range facilities, and coffee and snacks. You will take away a great experience, as well as an appreciation of how a home defense plan can help secure your family's safety, and how to include a firearm in that plan if you choose. You will also understand NJ use-of-force law better. A USCCA certificate of completion is issued.

Thank you for choosing ScotShot for your firearms training - see you in class!

LOCATION: Garden State Shooting Center

DATES: As shown below

LENGTH OF CLASS: 7 - 9 hours, depending on the number of participants (limit, 12).

COST: USCCA Home Defense, $195 per person

DATE: Sun, May 05th; 9.00am - 6.00pm;
DATE: Sat, Aug 17th; 9.00am - 6.00pm;

If you would like us to set up a class specially for you, Contact us.

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