ScotShot LLC - USCCA Countering the Mass Shooter threat.
This is a USCCA accredited and certificated course.

This course is designed to bring you an awareness of the facts surrounding mass shootings in the United States, and how to create a plan to minimize risks in your environment. It deals primarily with non-firearms responses since these are not an option in New Jersey. This class contains comprehensive information to let you recognize and plan for, risks associated with a so-called "active-shooter" event in your community. It is generally applicable to your library, house of worship, school, college, workplace and so on.

We begin with a history of such events in the United States and a discussion of media coverage versus the actuality of the event. We then discuss the firearms used in such events detailing elements such as the length of time, the number of shots fired, the firearms used, and so on. The class progresses into a discussion of police responses, strategies and response times, and how these impacted the outcome.

We them move forward to discuss how an aggressive victim response is key to minimizing injuries, and how simple first-aid skills can minimize them further. The course then pivots to recognition of potential perpetrators and how to develop a response and protection plan for your environment. Next, we consider a multi-room environment, to consider angles, cover and concealment and then consider the practical problems associated with active shooters. The class will conclude with a review and question/answer session, with suggestions for future development.

You should bring note-taking material, and a light lunch. Most importantly, you should bring a positive, safety-orientated attitude and a willingness to extend your mindset and skillset to this challenging area. You should be decisive about working to thwart such an event if it were to occur in your environment, and embracing the concept of prevention as a pro-active response.

We provide all training materials, the detailed USCCA "Countering the Mass Shooter Threat" manual, classroom and other facilities, and coffee and snacks. You will take a great experience as well as an appreciation of the reality of the threat in the USA today. You'll be equipped with general strategies and approaches to minimize damage and injuries, as well as how to create a specific plan for your environment. A USCCA certificate of completion is issued

Thank you for choosing ScotShot for your firearms training - see you in class!

LOCATION: Garden State Shooting Center

DATES: As shown below

LENGTH OF CLASS: 7 - 9 hours, depending on the number of participants (limit, 12).

COST: USCCA Home Defense, $195 per person

DATE: Sat, Nov 09th; 9.00am - 6.00pm;

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