ScotShot LLC - NRA Range Safety Officer.
This is a National Rifle Association accredited and certificated course.

Please note that this class does not certify people to teach the use of firearms.

NRA Range Safety Officer provides a clear foundation running a firing range, including safety, organizational and inspection aspects. It is designed to give the student the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to take charge of a range-based shooting event. NRA Range Safety Officer is an 8-9-hour training course that covers the layout of firing ranges, developing Standard Operating Procedures, conducting range briefings, identifying and safely dealing with firearm malfunctions and dealing with firing range emergencies. Upon achieving a passing grade (90% or higher) in the final RSO Candidate examination, and with the recommendation of the Chief RSO leading the course, candidates will communicate with NRA directly on-line and pay the NRA fee for issuing the certification. This fee is not included in the ScotShot fee.

We start with the role and responsibility of the RSO, and the importance of Standard Operating Procedures. Then we move on to the structure and layout of a firing range, how to identify and describe the range limits, conduct a range inspection, and clearly describe range rules in the context of a Range Safety Briefing. The course concludes with a description of procedures for dealing with range-related emergencies and the emergency services (including firearm stoppages and malfunctions), and how to properly control shooters on the range and at the firing line.

This is a beginner-level course, suitable for people with some experience of shooting and shooting ranges and facilities. This course does not require a firearm or live-fire. However, you should be functionally familiar with the common handgun, rifle and shotgun configurations, and able to demonstrate safe gun handling at all times. The RSO can be taken by adults over age 21. The only things you need to bring are a light lunch, pen and notepad, willingness to learn and a desire to succeed. We encourage people to bring and share their experiences and observations.

We provide all training materials, firearms, non-functioning training "ammunition", classroom and range facilities, water, coffee and snacks. At the end of the course, we conduct a short diagnostic examination and issue the RSO Patch. Most of all, you'll take away a great experience, a working knowledge of ranges and range procedures and improved safety concepts.

Thank you for choosing ScotShot for your firearms training - see you in class!

LOCATION: Fort Dix, Range 14

DATES: As shown below

LENGTH OF CLASS: 9 - 10 hours, depending on the number of participants (limit, 12).

COST: NRA Range Safety Officer, $125 per person

DATES are still to be determined. Please check back frequently.

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