ScotShot LLC - Class Cancellation, Class Scheduling and Scheduling Changes Policy

  • From time to time, ScotShot LLC may determine that changes in scheduling are necessary.
  • This may result in classes being moved to a new date, or alternative classes being offered in the orginal date, or cancellation.
  • ScotShot LLC will, in the event it has to cancel or reschedule a class, first offer alternative dates and then a refund of monies paid.
  • Notice of cancellation will always be by email.
  • ScotShot LLC will distribute all refunds through PayPal, unlesss otherwise agreed.
ScotShot LLC - Client Re-Scheduling and Cancellation Policy
  • In the event that a client wishes to schedule an alternative date for a class, or change a reservation to a different class, ScotShot LLC will strive to accommodate the requested changes.
  • If the requested change cannot be accomodated, then this will be considered a client cancellation.
  • In the event of a client cancellation, ScotShot LLC will in every case retain a Cancellation Fee of $50 (fifty Dollars), per class place.
  • ScotShot LLC will refund the balance of fees paid by a student for courses they are unable to attend, provided such notice is given by email not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the class.
  • ScotShot LLC will, in the event that a client cancels with less than 14 days notice, retain 50% of the class fee, irrespective of when the booking was made relative to the class date.
  • In the event that a Client fails to attend the class or give good reason by email for failing to attend within 24 hours of the class date and start time, the full fee will be forfeit.
ScotShot LLC - Client Policy
  • ScotShot LLC will, in general, accept individuals for firearms training, in the expectation that they are not prohibited from receiving or handling firearms in New Jersey, or in any part of the United States of America.
  • ScotShot LLC reserves the right to deny anyone firearms training, for any reason, at any time. If any student is denied training prior to a course beginning, said student will receive a refund in full.
  • ScotShot LLC reserves the right to remove any student from a class in progress, at any point in the class. Students removed from a class will not be entitled to any refund.
  • ScotShot LLC will distribute all refunds through PayPal, unlesss otherwise agreed.
ScotShot LLC - Ladies
  • Please don't book a class that involves live-fire if you are pregnant or nursing. Thanks!
ScotShot LLC - Children
  • ScotShot LLC welcomes minor children, who should be at least twelve years old.
  • ScotShot LLC does not offer discounted registration rates to minor children.
  • ScotShot LLC requires that a parent or guardian registers for, and participates in, the class being taken by the minor child.
  • ScotShot LLC reserves the right to restrict a child's access to firearms based solely at the discretion of its owner and Instructors, at any time during a class.
  • ScotShot LLC will, in the event that a minor child is removed from the class for any reason, require that the accompanying parent or guardian also leave the class. The parent or guardian will be encouraged to return and retake the class at a mutually agreed date, and at no extra charge.
  • Live ammunition is completely forbidden from all ScotShot classroom sessions.
  • Live ammunition used in ScotShot range sessions must be store-bought and factory-loaded. Handloaded ammunition is never allowed.
ScotShot LLC - Special Needs
  • ScotShot LLC encourages any individual to learn to shoot. If your mobility is restricted, or you have any concerns regarding your physical capabilities, please, talk to us.