ScotShot LLC - NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPIH).
This is a National Rifle Association accredited and certificated course.

To enter this course you must have completed NRA Basic Pistol (old style or new style), or ScotShot Handgun-I (preferably also Handgun-II), or evidence of other suitable handgun training.

NRA Basics of Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPIH) teaches the basic Knowledge, Skills and Attitude for the safe use of a handgun in the protection of your life and those of your family and loved ones, inside your home. NRA PPIH is a 10-12 hour training course that covers organizing your home and family defensively, strategies for dealing with a violent confrontation, self-defense and the law, choosing a defensive handgun and defensive handgun use. The focus is on protecting your family and safe gun handling.

We start with an introduction to defensive shooting, including mindset and awareness. Then, we move to concepts of defensive accuracy, cover and concealment, and shooting from different positions. We consider the law and self defense, including potential legal and civil liability of a defensive encounter. Finally, we discuss how to choose a pistol for self defense and how to further your skills in shooting sports, target and defensive marksmanship, and strategies to protect your home from unwelcome attention or intruders. The course is taught in the classroom and on the firing range.

This is an advanced-level course. You should have your own handgun and be familiar with using it. You must be able to legally own a handgun in New Jersey. You should bring your handgun and 150 rounds of store-bought, factory-loaded ammunition. This class requires a positive mindset and a willingness to consider the various aspects of defensive firearms use. Please bring a light lunch for the first day. If there is someone else in your home who may also have to use a firearm defensively, then please consider having them register for the class with you.

We provide all training materials, the detailed NRA Personal Protection in the Home manual, classroom and range facilities, and coffee and snacks for the first day. At the end of the course, we conduct a short diagnostic examination and issue a Certificate of Training. This can serve as "Proof of Training" for the popular Florida Concealed Weapons Permit application as well as others such as Arizona. Most of all, you'll take away a great experience, and a clear insight into how to safely build a home defense plan for you and your family, with or without firearms.

Thank you for choosing ScotShot for your firearms training - see you on the range!

Range 14, Fort Dix.

DATE: APR - Sat & Sun, Apr 22nd & 23rd; 8.30am - 4.00pm; thanks to those who made this a great class!
DATE: JUL - Sun & Sun, Jul 09th & 16th; 8.30am - 4.00pm
DATE: OCT - Sun & Sun, Oct 22nd & 29th; 8.30am - 4.00pm

$245.00 per person.

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