ScotShot LLC - NRA Chief Range Safety Officer.
This is a National Rifle Association accredited and certificated course.

NRA Certified Instructor training is designed for experienced, skilled shooters who are committed to passing on the correct Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to individuals who are motivated to seek firearms training. The courses teach Instructor Candidates the NRA instruction method of "Total Participant Involvement" (T.P.I.), with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and student development.

Upon achieving a passing grade (90% or higher) in the final Instructor Candidate examination, and with the recommendation of the Training Counselor leading the course, candidates will communicate with NRA directly on-line and pay the NRA fee for issuing the certification. This fee is not included in the ScotShot fee(s).

Chief Range Safety Officer is an NRA Instructor rating. To enter this course you must have completed Range Safety Officer with a minimum 90% on the student exam and have an ability to safely handle, load and unload a variety of firearm types. You should also have taken and passed the Basic Instructor Training (B.I.T., see below) module within the last two years. The class requires a minimum of four CRSO Candidates to run (both B.I.T. and CRSO).

In this first part, Instructor Candidates learn about the core skills required to teach NRA student-level courses, such as: introduction of speakers, use of visual and other teaching aids, the ethics of running a class and working with minor children, and how to plan, promote and advertise an NRA class. If obtained within two years of the discipline part (eg, below), then B.I.T. does not have to be retaken in order to add additional disciplines.

CRSO Candidates work in teams, alternating between presenting elements of the course to the other candidates, who offer constructive critiques, and playing the role of the students. Please note that the B.I.T. is not a certification in and of itself - but it must be passed in order to obtain a discipline certification. Please do not bring a firearm or ammunition to this class. Everything will be provided.

NRA Range Safety Officers are able to become Chief RSOs and will then be able to qualify students in the NRA "Range Safety Officer" course. Chief RSO Candidates use mock class presentations and teaching scenario role-playing to acquire the skills necessary to instruct others in the duties and responsibilities of the Range Safety Officer, including: firing range standard operating procedures, firing range inspection, establishing firing range rules, dealing with firearm stoppages and malfunctions and range safety briefings, including emergency procedures, how to take control of a firearm and render it safe and so on. We conclude the course with the CRSO Candidate examination.

Thank you for choosing ScotShot for your firearms training - see you on the range!

LOCATION: NRA Basic Instructor Training (B.I.T.)
Fort Dix
DATE, Sat, May 26th. TIME: 08.30am - 4.00pm
DATE, Sat, Nov 10th. TIME: 08.30am - 4.00pm

LOCATION: NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
Garden State Shooting Center
DATE, Sat, Dec 01st, TIME 08.30am - 4.00pm

Basic Instructor Training: $195.00 per person.
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer: $225.00 per person.

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I can legally handle a Firearm in NJ
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Number of places - CRSO
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